Erzi Sandwich Cutting Set
Erzi Sandwich Cutting Set

Erzi Sandwich Cutting Set

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9 wooden pieces

This role-playing activity involves children in preparing supper as part of everyday family life. The various ingredients such as salami, cheese, egg and slices of tomato are cut up and prepared on the cutting board using the big knife and afterwards served in style. This cutting set serves to promote the training of fine motor skills while the various options for combination serve to stimulate the child’s imagination and powers of creativity. Wood-carved assortment, colour- painted made up as follows: 1 cutting board, 1 knife, 2 slices of bread for cutting up, 1 cheese fur cutting up (3 chunks), 1 salami for cutting up (3 slices), 2 pieces of tomato for cutting up, 1 egg for cutting up (2 halves)

dimension: 152x190x63 mm
weight: 0.456 kg
age: 3+

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