About Us

At Petite Wise, we believe in sparking a child's imagination. In a world full of technology, a child's imagination is more important than ever and should be nurtured as they grow. We provide a wide range of open-ended toys and crafts that not only provide children with hours of fun but help to encourage your child’s sense of adventure and curiosity. Our toy options have been carefully chosen to raise an idea of learning and education from a young age, encouraging the development of senses, attitudes and open-minded behaviours that can be carried through life. 

We source all of our toys from leading brands ensuring that your child enjoys only the best options. They include everything from hands-on craft sets, dress-up play and collectables that can be used in any way your child can envision. As well as being educational, our toys are also very durable. They can be enjoyed by parents with their children and with the correct care, can last a lifetime or longer!

As the world continues to speed up, we have made it our mission to protect the joys and ease of childhood using toys and games that encourage development and adventure. Though your child may be Petite, they can become Wise through our toys they encounter as they grow!