Naturally for our children

Wood is a natural and regenerative raw material, warm to the touch while creating an ambience of lushness and extravagance. Wood retains its value and durable playing qualities reflecting unsurpassed longevity. Learning begins from the very first moments of life. This is best supported by providing sustainable high quality playing and learning materials. Distinguished by a broad diversity of natural shapes and colours, Erzi's superb range of realistic products serves to stimulate powers of emulation and playing activity from the very outset. Customer satisfaction and child safety have always been accorded top priority in their corporate policy. Erzi toys are subject to stringent European and American testing directives, thus complying with highest standards of safety.

Today, environmental protection and sustainability are omnipresent issues of greater relevance than ever before, all subject to rescheduling stipulations at official level. This also applies to Erzi packaging materials which are made to undergo constant improvement:

• Thus, depending on suitability, they make increasing use of paper in lieu of plastic materials

• Their sales packages are meanwhile stuck into place with adhesive sealing dots. They have completely abandoned the practice of shrink-packaging products in plastic.

Erzi packaging materials are chiefly produced in the immediate vicinity, thus enabling them to minimise transport route distances, whilst supporting regional manufacturers. 

Erzi's high-grade wooden toys are manufactured exclusively from FSC-certified materials. This warrants sustainable forest management, a source of consolation to ecologically minded consumers!